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The path on the Two Moors Way Devon

A new path ahead

I am close now to finishing University, three years have gone quickly. It has been an amazing journey, lots of hard work and lots of fun, I’ve met some great people too. What I do next is not certain but I want to gain experience in a subject I feel most passionate about, grasses, plant science and the ecology surrounding that, with a little entomology thrown in. After May and in between work I will be out there somewhere studying something from the ground up, measuring and photographing. I will be creating mini projects and will share some of that information here. 

A current project I am working on is that of purple moor grass (Molinia caerulea). There is a lot of it around and its ecology is very interesting. More later.


A view from the Teign Valley

This was taken on 1st October 2018. I had taken a trip to Fingle Bridge with intention of getting up Wooston Hill fort as well as walking to Clifford Bridge. I never did make it to Clifford bridge because I found an old Land Rover (I think that’s was it is) in the woods off the left side of the main path, it’s well overgrown and I don’t think one would see it unless you were down there. Still, not much beats the sight of a valley of trees and the silence of nature. It was worth the climb. Bigger image here.