Cyber Security Basics

The Basics – getting you started

Staying safe online is not hard, not if you spend a little time to cover some basics.

Of all the things one can do to stay safe online, ‘two step authentication’ is currently one of the best things you can do. It does not mean that you have to jump through hoops every time you want to check your email or your Facebook status. What it does mean is that if you sign in to a new device, the first time you do, you will be asked to authenticate yourself. It is easy with the help of a text message or an authenticator app.

Also, if someone else tries to get into your account (even if they have your log in details) they will quickly find it impossible – you will get a text or a visual notification on your phone or tablet or computer asking if is you that is signing in – if it is not you then you can immediately lock down your account and keep the bad guys out.

Click here to down load my Cyber Security Basics pdf


More tips?

  • Keep your social media accounts on a separate email address – You can control notifications from Facebook so they don’t fill up your inbox.
  • Use a password manager instead of storing your passwords in your browser.

A password manager uses a master password to give you access to your passwords. Also they generally log you into your online accounts safely and without revealing your password.

It take a few minutes to set up but it is worth it. All the relevant links are in the free pdf file above. Grab yourself a cuppa and a good half hour and take the first steps in making yourself more secure online. You will be pleased you did – pass it on to your friends too.