East Budliegh to Mutters Moor circular

This was a wonderful walk and one of the only ones I have started early in the morning. It takes in the lovely river Otter and the hard going but stunning Passaford Lane that takes you up onto Mutters Moor near Peak Hill Sidmouth.

I did this walk in August last year when all the plant life was in full growth and this made pictures like the one on this post possible.

I started by driving along East Budliegh road and parking in South Farm Lane. From here you can walk up alongside the Otter to the Mill at Otterton. Once you get to the bridge at the mill you will see a gate on the other side of the bridge, take this to continue alongside the river Otter.

The path here is not as friendly or easy as the Budliegh side as there are bits missing and a lot of overgrown but it’s certainly passable. The first bridge you come to is closed so just continue and you will find a second.

Over this bridge you will find yourself in a field, go straight across and through the farm gate that takes you into the road. Turn left here and walk a short distance to the next farm, Passaford Farm. Just after this and on the same side is Passaford Lane, unassuming at first. It’s an old smugglers lane I believe and it’s hard going, you will need sturdy footwear.

Eventually you reach a stile at the top that takes you to Pinn Hill Plantation. Don’t go left but straight up and onto Mutters Moor. From here you can walk down to Peak hill and take the coast path to Otterton or Budliegh, if you do it’s around 10 miles.

Below is the detail from my View Ranger app.