Michaela recommends

There are some great products and services out there. Here are some that I fully recommend. If I recommend it then it means I have used it or still use it.

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows One of the better data recovery options in my opinion, for Microsoft Windows file systems.

Stellar Photo Recovery A good chance of getting those precious photos recovered.

Zen Internet UK based broadband and telephone line providers with a difference. Excellent customer service and excellent broadband.

Fastmail A paid email service that delivers untracked email and a fabulous webmail experience that I cannot find better anywhere (I’ve tried). Excellent for both personal and business users.

Sophos Internet Security Not just great protection on Windows and Mac, there is no ‘upsell’ – one is not constantly presented with offers of addons. It is also one of the best value packages out there. I have personally subscribed to this for over four years.