Computer support

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This section applies once you have your computer back and it has had a fresh install of Windows. If you do not have all the programs installed that were installed before your computer went wrong then the information below will be of help.

Windows 10 has good anti-malware and virus protection built in. If however you are subscribed to one of the major offerings then the following links will help you get it reinstalled.

To log into your account with Norton, McAfee etc you will need your account details, usually your email address and a unique password – if you don’t remember them then you can reset the password at the log in page via the link.

If you no longer have access to the email address with which your security account is registered then you are better off starting a ‘Web Chat’ with your provider, they should be able to help.

McAfee account ~ AVG ~ Symantec / Norton Security ~ Sophos ~ Eset

Setting up your printer.

HP Printer. For the majority of HP home printers all you need is the ‘HP Smart’ app from the Windows 10 store. This will allow you to scan and print. You may need basic drivers and these can be found at the HP support site

Canon support

Epson support

Brother support

Office software

Many of us now subscribe to Microsoft Office, if this you then just log into your account and download it. If you find you have already installed it on the maximum of devices then you can just deactivate the device that you want to reinstall on, this will free up that one device for you to reinstall.

Sign in to your Office account

Alternatively you could install Libre Office. This is a completely free office suite that will open files from MS Works as well as all Word and Excel documents, you can edit them as well.

Libre Office

Finally you may want Adobe Reader. Your web browser is more than capable of handling pdf (portable document files) files. If you want Adobe Reader then it is here