Do you need professional email?

It’s all very well using a free email service but when it comes to business and efficiency you may want something a little better. Fastmail is that something better. For one thing, your email is not tracked and, as its a paid service you are also free of adverts. Many individuals and businesses use Dropbox to work and share files, it is one of the most popular file sharing services and Fastmail gives you access directly to your Dropbox files so you can easily attach anything.

The user interface is very well organised and complimented by a fabulous search facility so finding past emails is very quick. There is also a very tidy integrated calendar and if you need to, importing your Google calendar is very easy. I have used this service for the last four years and would not think of changing, it costs nothing to give it a go.

Do you have a domain name? you can integrate the email part of it into Fastmail in order to keep continuity of your business. Not a business? It’s great for individuals too and even comes with a good app for your mobile.