Asus A68HM-PLUS with Windows XP installed

There are times when someone asks me for a new computer and insist on having an outdated operating system on it. It may well be needed for an old program. Even so, some programs may still not install because of the hardware specs of the machine, anyway, I was recently asked to do just that. Actually finding modern hardware that supports Xp is not always easy but I struck lucky as I found this motherboard in a Zoostorm computer. After checking at the Asus manufacturers support site and discovering they listed drivers for Windows Xp I was happy to go ahead.

This computer has the USB3.0 drivers installed and Xp itself is installed on a 250Gb SSD (Solid State Drive). All of the drivers have gone in without a problem so I am very happy.

In this particular instance the computer was intended to run a game called ‘Fishsim‘ . Although this game will run on Windows 7 my client was adamant that a combination of his advanced years and the fact he had been using Windows XP from day one, he saw no reason to change now, and he just did not like Windows 7. For what it’s worth I had installed Windows 7 to begin with and got everything ready only to be told, “Don’t like this, I want XP!”