Why Windows 10 is so slow.

Windows 10 updates

Even the most powerful Windows computers, laptops, tablets and the home Pc can be seen to perform really badly, very sluggish. As it is Windows 10 comes with a bunch of apps that are allowed to run in the background and these can be safely turned off, for some reason Microsoft seems to think we all need Candy Crush Saga running in the background so it gets going faster just when we need it. This is just one example of background running apps that people often tell me they have never used and did not even know it was on their machine. To shut down these background apps just go to Settings, Privacy – at the bottom of the list on the left is an entry called ‘Background Apps’, click this and wait while the list on the right populates itself – you may need to go off and make a cuppa while you wait. Once it’s loaded I would recommend turning off everything apart from Microsoft Edge, Settings and perhaps Photos.

Apart from this there are also updates. Traditionally windows has always been slow to update. when your laptop wants to download lots of updates including Feature updates to windows 10 it can take a day plus. The best thing to do is to set the computer to NOT go to sleep (via power options) leave it connected and turned on to do its thing. 

There are other considerations and these are the speed of your computer and whatever you have installed and running as well. Your computer may need a thorough clean and update, please get in touch to have this done.