VW Golf Roof Bars Mk III

Recently I wanted to find roof bars for our 1993 VW Golf Mk III. It’s almost 26 years old and finding roof bars soon proved to be a tough job. Now I know that those of you who are VW veterans or have simply been round them a lot may well know what will work, we did not. There is no gutter on the roof other than the hidden one under the rubber and looking through ebay soon makes one realise there are many that claim to be compatible.

We struck lucky in that we found someone selling off their old roof bars from a car they no longer had and specifically a Mk III Golf.

The useful info: At each mounting point for each end of the roof bars are defined by two triangles marked into the rubber a few inches apart. So long as you get each end mounted between these triangles then it is properly sited. The roof bars slot in very nicely just by gently prising back the rubber a little. I guess autojumbles are a good idea too.

Golf Mk III Roof Bar Mount