Smartphone V’s Basic Phone

As someone who grew up watching businessmen carry around the latest mobile phone of the day, something the size of a housebrick with a proper coily cable and a full hanset – all slung over the shoulder with the help of a good strap, I have my own perception of the ideal mobile today.

During the mid 2000’s like many I had the first incarnations of 3G phones that boasted a lot but delivered little, then came the Nokia 6700i, a battery that lasted a week and it was a brilliant phone, monochrome, just calls and texts and no camera. I also used a Palm PDA as my go to info centre for notes and email when connected to the Nokia via bluetooth, it worked well.

Things have changed a bit today and the idea of using a PDA and separate phone have never really gone away. These days a smartphone takes care of the PDA function along with all the extra benefits they bring and a basic phone takes care of all my personal calls. I have always used one number for work and another for personal, although years ago I used the work one for a lot of personal stuff I now really do keep them separate.

Apart from anything else when I’m walking down the road or anywhere for that matter and I want to make a phone call I don’t really want the fuss of unlocking a smartphone. I use a Doro 5516 and find it suits me well. clear adjustable text size, loud ring and so easy to use. The smartphone is always there for whatever I need to use it for.

Apps I do use on my smartphone are my walking app, Viewranger plus all the usual stuff. I can leave my walking app to record my walk and use my Doro to make and take calls from those I want to communicate with.

I know cost is a factor so here goes, I have a sim only deal on my smartphone of £7.50 per month that gives a me 1Gb data, 5000 texts and 500 minute – I never get through it. my personal mobile runs a pay-as-you-go sim on 1p Mobile. The great thing about this is that the cost is just 1p per text or per minute – I top up automatically every 120 days and so far have never ran out of credit. There is a FREE £5 of credit up for grabs via this link and you can take your number with you if you want to.