One of the best budget smartphones in 2017 the Motorola G4

If you are looking for a phone that wont run out of juice in the middle of the day, or you love to listen to music through it’s speakers, you want the latest Android version then read on. I have owned far more mobile phones than I care to admit to and like computers I know what is going to work well and what is not. During the days of the solid performing Nokia mobiles I had a new Nokia phone each time my contract came to an end but at no point did I feel that my Nokia phone was inadequate, it just did what it was required to do. The trouble started when I was told that the new Nokia came with Windows – not the Symbian system I wanted, I got an iPhone instead and hated it. So after a short affair with Blackberry I bought a sim free android phone for about £50 and started to find out just how basic these things are. Fast forward to the Moto G4. I bought this late in 2016 after reading several good reviews, after all 2Gb of memory and 16Gb of storage seemed perfect and not too big at 5 1/2 inches with Android 6 plus it has an octa-core processor, a feature I consider essential with today’s phones.

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Setting up was no different to any other Android device but one of the first things that impressed me was the option I was given upon detection of the 16Gb Micro SD card was to format the Micro SD card as phone memory to increase the storage, fabulous. On older Android systems or just older phones the Micro SD card cant easily be formatted in this way leaving you to simply move photos or music and video files to the SD card in order to claim back precious space. Moving on there was the set up of a Moto account etc then just updating the software once I had connected to my WiFi. On previous phones I had used a torch app that enabled my to turn on the camera flash and use it as a torch, this phone has a Moto feature that once set up you can simply shake the phone twice in quick succession to turn the torch on – no extra app needed and the phone does not need unlocking at all, just take it out of your pocket or bag, shake it twice and you have a torch, shake again and the torch turns off – brilliant. On top of all of this I find that by the end of the day I often have over 50% battery left and sometimes less if I have been using maps for navigation etc. I’m not one to be constantly on my phone but I do check things over 10 times a day. To sum up this phone has upgraded to Android 7 and I just use it with no nagging back-thought in my head that there is something I don’t like about it, it even has a decent enough camera.