£5 Free Credit The Cheapest Mobile Sim deal? Pay As You Go!

1p Mobile Sim

EE – 4G/3G/2G

I like to recommend products that I use myself, this is one of them. I have always had a second phone for private use and all I really do is make calls and the occasional text. I was with Tesco mobile and very happy but I just could not ignore the 1p per minute and 1p per text from 1p Mobile. What I like about it is that your credit never expires as long as you top up every 120 days, also if you want to use data as well then that also is just 1p per Mb. Just think, you are on the phone for ten minutes to a friend and it’s only cost you 10p – Amazing. The network runs on EE which is the biggest in the UK so coverage is good.

Just visit 1p Mobile via this link or click the picture above and you can order your sim. You can also transfer your existing number if you wish, and the great thing is that ordering your sim via my website, when you activate your sim you will get £5 free credit. Check it out right here.