Latest news as of 27th June 2019.

My little computer shop closed on 31st May this year, a difficult decision but mainly for economical reasons. I now work from home. The shop closure has to come at some point as I am starting college this coming September. I will be at Bicton College in East Devon embarking on a foundation degree in countryside management and conservation. Eventually I will stop providing IT services and just concentrate on my projects and environmental / countryside issues. I will always have an interest and active role in IT but it will eventually be a hobby once again. The website below has been updated to reflect changes and through it I am still very much contactable.

All images on this website are taken by me unless stated and should not be used without my permission. I enjoy walking in my spare time and I often take lots of photos on my walks. Writing is another passion but I don’t get enough time to do it. Devon born and bred I grew up in Exmouth where my family had run local businesses. I moved to Honiton in 1997 after having worked in a variety of jobs including Mechanic, Taxi driver, Food retail and Project management. I got into computers in 1999 for a hobby and it got out of control so by 2003 I began repairing computers full time. I have had my shop since 2008. www.yellowboatcomputers.co.uk

A little history….

I started off with DOS and progressed through almost every release of Windows from 3.1 to the current version 10. I have also been a fan of Linux for many years and started off with Red Hat 5.2, it came on a cd in a cardboard box that also contained a dismantled Compaq Prolinea 486 DX25 (some of you may remember these), at the time it cost me the princely sum of a packet of 20 Marlboro cigarettes and from there it was a case of figure out how to reassemble and then figure out how to install Linux. The rest is history.

Looking forward….

I still enjoy my job but I’m looking to the next level and as we get into 2018 I realise that there is a huge importance in computer security, cyber security – sure, for some time now there always has been but in this modern and advancing world we find that our smartphones are capable of ever more and as we use more on line services and products we, as individuals have a complete digital identity on the internet, it is this digital identity that we all need to manage and keep as secure as we can. There will be more posts on this site with this in mind.