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Stay Safe Online


Read this first. If you are confronted with a website online or a pop up message telling you that your computer is infected or in danger – Do Not call the number given, it is a scam. You can try closing your web browser using the method below or just shut down your computer. Seek help.

Staying safe online and keeping your identity and money out of reach of cyber crime can seem a little daunting. Now, I’m no expert on this but I have developed a set of rules that are in place to help keep me safe, so here I will show you those same rules and strategies.

Ideally, you will need:

A second email address : A mobile phone : Two-Factor Authentication : PayPal

A second email address will serve you well simply to keep for all the important stuff and, if you are ever locked out of your regular email then that second email address will come in very handy, not only as an email address but to help you recover the one that’s locked out.

A mobile phone is almost essential for authentication and changing your password.

Your computer will need:

To be up-to-date and clean of any infections

For more information on ‘what you will need’ – please read my cyber security guide.

Also worth a read is my post on internet security software here.

Finally, passwords. Please consider using a password manager, watch this excellent video from Steve at Dotto Tech for more information.