Best Budget or Cheap Mobile Phone 2017

The list is endless as there are just so many available. So what do you go for? Well if you are getting a new phone contract and with it a new iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Google Pixel or other top brand of device then there is little point reading further here as your phone will generally be a top performer anyway so long as you are getting one of the flagship models. If however you are looking to grab a basement bargain off the shelf or a cheap contract with a free phone (approx £10 monthy) or a pay as you go then it’s worth bearing in mind some of the not so obvious detail in about the phones themselves.

The phone I am talking about here is a Motorola Moto G4 16Gb. For me it’s easily the best phone I have had. The battery lasts all day without a problem and I have the screen and text size that makes viewing comfortable – my vision is not what it used to be. It runs Android 7. For privacy I have the priority only feature enabled so I can happily have the phone by my bed each night knowing that if anyone calls then only my nearest and dearest will get through, everyone else hits an answering machine – text messages get through but there is no audible notification. If I wake in the middle of the night I can pick up the phone and a soft glow emerges showing me the time without lighting up the whole room or blinding me. I can use it as a torch too, thanks to Motorola’s features (You can set these) I don’t have to open an app but from it’s locked state just shake the phone twice – two quick flicks of the wrist and the camera flash doubles as a great torch, the same action turns it off. Lastly I popped in a 16Gb MicroSD card and the phone offered to format it as phone storage so apps etc can be installed to it and make it faster, a feature I love. The link below gives you more information.