Still using Free Antivirus?

Loads of us use the free offerings from AVG, Avast and Panda and we put up with the nag screens that keep offering premium features for a discount or trial period.

What I find some people don’t realise or simply forget is that they could get a full internet security suite from one of two places. Many banks offer free Internet Security Software with on line banking and many Internet Service Providers also offer free Internet Security software with your subscription. If you are running free software then you should check with your ISP or bank and see what’s on offer with your current level of service.

Current as of 26/05/2016

Talktalk have a product called HomeSafe that you set up on line via your account and also a downloadable product called SuperSafe Boost (provided by F-Secure) that you can install on your computer for added protection. Check out your level of service as some subscribers can protect up to 8 devices with SuperSafe Boost.

BT provide McAfee Internet Security in the form of BT Net Protect Plus. Also BT Protect that you can activate from your account on line (nothing to install) and they also offer parental controls. Information of what you have will be available to you once you log into your BT account.

EE offer Norton Security Premium for up to 10 devices.

Any of these security packages can be complimented with the free Trusteer Rapport