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Pebble Time
Pebble Time

My first step into this world of smartwatches. The Pebble Time is one of the cheaper smartwatches on the market. on a basic level it vibrates on your wrist to alert and show you text messages, emails and your schedule. There are other apps and watch-faces you can install from the Pebble App on your phone if you wish.

There is one button on the left hand side that turns it on, activates quiet time and activates the back-light. apart from turning it on a quick press activates the back-light while a longer press activates or deactivates quiet time.

On the right there are three buttons. The top one takes you back over your schedule up to 48 hours in the past while the bottom button takes you up to 48 hours ahead. The middle button both actions things and gets you into settings and apps. Press the middle button from the clock screen and you can then use the top and bottom buttons to scroll through the apps and other standard options, another press of the middle button starts the desired app or gets you into whatever option you have displayed. Pressing the middle button from a message or email screen gives you various options, again the top and bottom buttons highlight your desired option and the middle button actions it.

If you press the middle button on one of your appointments then you get all the information that you put with the appointment when you created it (tested on Google Calendar). I use Google calendar and if I put notes with the IMG_20160523_122627appointment they are displayed using the scroll option.

There is an option in the settings to increase the text size as well. Charging only takes an hour and they say it will last for a week although I have not had it that long yet so time will tell. Android wear is installed on my phone but it only serves to share fitness data, I find that starting the Android Wear app simply asks me to pair with my device but of course as the Pebble is not android it does not pair (not for me anyway) – data is simply shared so just ignore the presence of the app.

In conclusion the one thing I find very useful is that because our smartphones are bigger and more breakable they are often secure in a case, in a bag or pocket and it’s not always convenient to get it out. I have a basic bluetooth headset in my ear and when my phone rings the Pebble tells me who is calling and if I choose to answer I can simply press the button on my headset and I’m away – no need to even reach for the phone. it is very comfortable to wear and saves me reaching for the phone to check the details of my next appointment. As for replying by voice to a text it works fine so long as you have a wifi or 3G signal. It serves my needs perfectly and possibly yours too.