Why Windows 10 is so slow.

Windows 10 updates

Even the most powerful Windows computers, laptops, tablets and the home Pc can be seen to perform really badly, very sluggish. As it is Windows 10 comes with a bunch of apps that are allowed to run in the background and these can be safely turned off, for some reason Microsoft seems to think we all need Candy Crush Saga running in the background so it gets going faster just when we need it. This is just one example of background running apps that people often tell me they have never used and did not even know it was on their machine. To shut down these background apps just go to Settings, Privacy - at the bottom of the list on the left is an entry called 'Background Apps', click this and wait while the list on the right populates itself - you may need to go off and make a cuppa while you wait. Once it's loaded I would recommend turning off everything apart from Microsoft Edge, Settings and perhaps Photos.

Apart from this there are also updates. Traditionally windows has always been slow to update. When your laptop wants to download lots of updates including Feature updates to windows 10 it can take a day plus and it can make your laptop very slow to respond. The best thing to do is to set the computer to NOT go to sleep (via power options) leave it connected and turned on to do its thing. 

There are other considerations and these are the speed of your computer and whatever you have installed and running as well. Your computer may need a thorough clean and update, please get in touch to have this done. 

Asus A68HM-PLUS with Windows XP installed


There are times when someone asks me for a new computer and insist on having an outdated operating system on it. It may well be needed for an old program. Even so, some programs may still not install because of the hardware specs of the machine, anyway, I was recently asked to do just that. Actually finding modern hardware that supports Xp is not always easy but I struck lucky as I found this motherboard in a Zoostorm computer. After checking at the Asus manufacturers support site and discovering they listed drivers for Windows Xp I was happy to go ahead.

This computer has the USB3.0 drivers installed and Xp itself is installed on a 250Gb SSD (Solid State Drive). All of the drivers have gone in without a problem so I am very happy.

In this particular instance the computer was intended to run a game called 'Fishsim' . Although this game will run on Windows 7 my client was adamant that a combination of his advanced years and the fact he had been using Windows XP from day one, he saw no reason to change now, and he just did not like Windows 7. For what it's worth I had installed Windows 7 to begin with and got everything ready only to be told, "Don't like this, I want XP!"

Activating EM Client

EM Client is a great choice to replace outlook if you don't want to purchase Microsoft Office. Activation should be straightforward, here is a breakdown.

First go to the EM Client registration page HERE. Once registered your license number will be shown on the page and also emailed to you.

Here are screenshots of how to insert your license.

Menu - Help -License
Menu - Help -License





iPad is only printing small pictures on my HP wireless printer

I recently came accross this problem and this is the solution I found.

  1. Go to the App Store and install the HP ePrint app
  2. When you start the app registration is optional.  You will also need to grant permission for it to access your photos etc.
  3. Once done you can go to photos via this app and choose the photo you want to print.
  4. There is a toolbar above the photo where you can change preferences before printing and one of these is paper size - in my case I changed it from A5 to A4.

Problem solved.

Printer Problems

There's nothing worse than your printer deciding it won't work. The humble, home, multifunctional printer has become very cheap and is rarely worth spending money on it to get it fixed. However there are occasions where an easy fix is at hand and I will share here the fixed I have used over the years.

If your printer is working but not printing properly then do the following:

  • Clear any paper jam
  • Use the maintenance tools on the computer. Hp has the 'solution Centre' or an icon on the desktop or a little shortcut for the printer. All printers have a software package installed that gives you tools to use to solve problems.
  • Also there is usually additional help on line. Go to the manufacturers website and search for your printer in their support section, there will be suggestions there to help you get going again.
  • If all that fails and you are still none the wiser perhaps a more technically minded friend might help. Otherwise you can always replace the printer and advertise those unused ink cartridges on your local freecycle site unless your new printer takes the same ones.

General Connectivity

Some of the small office printers have an Ethernet port as well as a USB port and more than once I have found the USB cable plugged in to to Ethernet port. It will go in but of course it does nothing, plugged into its rightful place the printer often bursts into life and produces multiple copies of whatever the owner was repeatedly trying to print.


There are times when wireless technology just does is own thing. If you have had a good old fiddle and can't figure why your wi-fi printer does not respond then try the following;

  1. Turn the printer off.
  2. Turn the computer off.
  3. Turn the broadband hub / router off and wait a good 30 secs.
  4. Turn the broadband hub / router back on and wait until all the lights have settled and it's connected.
  5. Turn the printer back on.
  6. Turn the computer back on.

For some reason the Wi-Fi signal gets jammed or lost between the devices and this will usually restore it.

Shut down your Laptop or PC with the Same button you use to start it.

Some people prefer this method and others simply find it easier. In a nutshell - a single press of the power button can both turn it on and off. I have created a PDF version of this and a powerpoint presentation, both show you the same thing. They show you clearly each screen and what to do. This was made for Windows 10 but the actual control panel instructions are much the same for Windows 7 & 8.1.

Click here to view or download the PDF version

Click here to view or download the Powerpoint version

If you need a copy of Adobe reader you can get that here

If you need a copy of Microsoft's Powerpoint viewer you can get that here