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Best Budget or Cheap Mobile Phone 2017

The list is endless as there are just so many available. So what do you go for? Well if you are getting a new phone contract and with it a new iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Google Pixel or other top brand of device then there is little point reading further here as your phone will generally be a top performer anyway so long as you are getting one of the flagship models. If however you are looking to grab a basement bargain off the shelf or a cheap contract with a free phone (approx £10 monthy) or a pay as you go then it’s worth bearing in mind some of the not so obvious detail in about the phones themselves.

The phone I am talking about here is a Motorola Moto G4 16Gb. For me it’s easily the best phone I have had. The battery lasts all day without a problem and I have the screen and text size that makes viewing comfortable – my vision is not what it used to be. It runs Android 7. For privacy I have the priority only feature enabled so I can happily have the phone by my bed each night knowing that if anyone calls then only my nearest and dearest will get through, everyone else hits an answering machine – text messages get through but there is no audible notification. If I wake in the middle of the night I can pick up the phone and a soft glow emerges showing me the time without lighting up the whole room or blinding me. I can use it as a torch too, thanks to Motorola’s features (You can set these) I don’t have to open an app but from it’s locked state just shake the phone twice – two quick flicks of the wrist and the camera flash doubles as a great torch, the same action turns it off. Lastly I popped in a 16Gb MicroSD card and the phone offered to format it as phone storage so apps etc can be installed to it and make it faster, a feature I love. The link below gives you more information.



Activating EM Client

EM Client is a great choice to replace outlook if you don’t want to purchase Microsoft Office. Activation should be straightforward, here is a breakdown.

First go to the EM Client registration page HERE. Once registered your license number will be shown on the page and also emailed to you.

Here are screenshots of how to insert your license.

Menu - Help -License
Menu – Help -License





iPad is only printing small pictures on my HP wireless printer

I recently came accross this problem and this is the solution I found.

  1. Go to the App Store and install the HP ePrint app
  2. When you start the app registration is optional.  You will also need to grant permission for it to access your photos etc.
  3. Once done you can go to photos via this app and choose the photo you want to print.
  4. There is a toolbar above the photo where you can change preferences before printing and one of these is paper size – in my case I changed it from A5 to A4.

Problem solved.

Printer Problems

There’s nothing worse than your printer deciding it won’t work. The humble, home, multifunctional printer has become very cheap and is rarely worth spending money on it to get it fixed. However there are occasions where an easy fix is at hand and I will share here the fixed I have used over the years.

If your printer is working but not printing properly then do the following:

  • Clear any paper jam
  • Use the maintenance tools on the computer. Hp has the ‘solution Centre’ or an icon on the desktop or a little shortcut for the printer. All printers have a software package installed that gives you tools to use to solve problems.
  • Also there is usually additional help on line. Go to the manufacturers website and search for your printer in their support section, there will be suggestions there to help you get going again.
  • If all that fails and you are still none the wiser perhaps a more technically minded friend might help. Otherwise you can always replace the printer and advertise those unused ink cartridges on your local freecycle site unless your new printer takes the same ones.

General Connectivity

Some of the small office printers have an Ethernet port as well as a USB port and more than once I have found the USB cable plugged in to to Ethernet port. It will go in but of course it does nothing, plugged into its rightful place the printer often bursts into life and produces multiple copies of whatever the owner was repeatedly trying to print.


There are times when wireless technology just does is own thing. If you have had a good old fiddle and can’t figure why your wi-fi printer does not respond then try the following;

  1. Turn the printer off.
  2. Turn the computer off.
  3. Turn the broadband hub / router off and wait a good 30 secs.
  4. Turn the broadband hub / router back on and wait until all the lights have settled and it’s connected.
  5. Turn the printer back on.
  6. Turn the computer back on.

For some reason the Wi-Fi signal gets jammed or lost between the devices and this will usually restore it.

A Basic Guide to Android

This is only a basic guide for those who know nothing about how they work in principle. Although this one is a bit old as I wrote it a couple of years ago I find it is still very useful as there are still a lot of tablets sold with the same menu structure. Pass it on to anyone who has not the faintest idea.

It is in PDF format. Click here to grab a copy.