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So you are thinking of having an iPhone or an iPad, maybe you already have one. This little snippet is about that thing called ‘Cloud Storage’. If you are a subscriber of Microsoft’s Office software then with that subscription you will usually get a huge 1Tb of cloud storage from Microsoft in which to store all your documents, photos and music – yes, Microsoft has put a music folder in OneDrive with the idea that you can stream your own stuff. Also if you are a committed user of Google docs etc paid or not then  you may wish to keep using Google cloud as it offers you, 15Gb as a basic user the last time I checked. Also there is Dropbox, I’ve not tested this but may well offer to back up your photos too but there is a required paid subscription to get any more than the basic 2Gb of space.

Well you can, just because you have an iPhone or iPad, and this applies to Apple laptops and home computers too or should I use the correct terminology, Macbook and iMac etc. Either way you can make full use of your desired cloud platform, have it your way.

You still need to be signed it to your Apple / iCloud account because that is for the purpose of getting apps and device security. Now let’s say you want to use Microsoft’s cloud platform. To start with you can turn off the iCloud backup and photo backup via the settings app. If you then download the OneDrive app from the App Store it will ask you when you first run it if you wish it to automatically back up your photos. You can do the same for Google because there is an app called Google Photos, install that and you will be asked the same thing.

You can then install Google Docs, Sheets, Drive etc or and Microsoft Word etc and use all of them without the intervention of Apple’s iCloud. I have not tested all of this to the enth degree and even if I had software developers can change functions in software any time. My point here is that if you have a photo in OneDrive or Google Photos and want to email it from your phone or share it on social media then you may have to download it to your phone first and then share it from the photos app – easily done. Also there may be a share option straight from the app to your desired social network. Naturally if you take a picture with your iPhone, iPad then it will end up in your Apple camera roll & photos app anyway but that’s on your device and not necessarily the cloud, your Google Photos or OneDrive app will have grabbed a copy too just as you had told it to in the first place.

So there you have it. This is also an excellent thing to do if you have a few hundred photos and want to leave Apple, perhaps you have bought an Android or Microsoft phone. These cloud apps will back up all your pictures so when you sign in to your new device they are already there. If you have thousands of pictures or a very slow internet connection then you are better off using a dedicated service for cloud migration and there are some good ones that cost nothing to use.