MeDevon born and bred I grew up in Exmouth where my family had run local businesses. I moved to Honiton in 1997 after having worked in a variety of jobs including Mechanic, Taxi driver, Food retail and Project management. I got into computers in 1999 for a hobby and it got out of control so by 2003 I began repairing computers full time. I have had my shop since 2008.

A little history….

I first got involved with computers in 1997 and by 2003 I found myself working full time with them providing a support and repair service that I still provide in my local area from my workshop in Honiton Devon. I started off with DOS and progressed through almost every release of Windows from 3.1 to the current version 10. I have also been a fan of Linux for many years and started off with Red Hat 5.2, it came on a cd in a cardboard box that also contained a dismantled Compaq Prolinea 486 DX25 (some of you may remember these), at the time it cost me the princely sum of a packet of 20 Marlboro cigarettes and from there it was a case of figure out how to reassemble and then figure out how to install Linux. The rest is history.