mackeyboardToday’s technological world is changing constantly and every few years we reach a higher level of evolution. The way we do things are shaped by the developers and manufacturers, eventually the technology you are using has a new master.

Computer support, Linux enthusiast & writer.

Data transfer from dead or alive pc’s ~ Computer refurbishment ~ Mac & Windows ~ Malicious software removal & more

So, what’s here?

During the course of my work I get asked a lot of questions, some of them are answered here in blog posts and the popular ones in a list on the right of this page and from the blog archive further down on the right or, of course you can always just use the search tool to search for keywords. Otherwise it’s all usefull info, info that the non-technically minded may find very useful but the hardy geek won’t. There is also a scattering of random photos I have taken both colour and black and white among my various ramblings.

Computer Support

If it’s not worth fixing then I will tell you

This is what I do full time and have done since 2003 and during that time I have worked on everything from Dos, Windows 3.1, Linux, Mac and all the major mobile platforms right through to the current Windows 10. There was a time when setting up or troubleshooting small networks of computers was a regular job so that a dial up modem and printers could be shared plus a central file share could be used, with the advent of faster broadband, cloud storage and wireless printers small networks have become less common in homes and small businesses. Major changes have come along in recent years with tablets, smartphones and laptops, the major email providers have stepped up security big time. As of today those of us using smartphones and tablets or even just our computer are connected via an email address to an ecosystem of online storage and productivity software  and most of what we do is via an app or a web browser.

Over the years I have built countless computers for both home use and design / gaming – every now and then someone calls me to have the files transferred from a machine I built many years previously to something new. I’ts worth knowing that you don’t have to have all your pictures on your tablet or phone thus quickly filling the memory, you can access them from the cloud very easily.

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