mackeyboardToday’s technological world is changing constantly and every few years we reach a higher level of evolution. The way we do things are shaped by the developers and manufacturers, eventually the technology you are using has a new master.

Computer support, Linux enthusiast & writer.

A little history….

I first got involved with computers in 1997 and by 2003 I found myself working full time with them providing a support and repair service that I still provide in my local area from my workshop in Honiton Devon. I started off with DOS and progressed through almost every release of Windows from 3.1 to the current version 10. I have also been a fan of Linux for many years and started off with Red Hat 5.2, it came on a cd in a cardboard box that also contained a dismantled Compaq Prolinea 486 DX25 (some of you may remember these), at the time it cost me the princely sum of a packet of 20 Marlboro cigarettes and from there it was a case of figure out how to reassemble and then figure out how to install Linux. The rest is history.

So, what’s here?

During the course of my work I get asked a lot of questions, some of them are answered here in blog posts and the popular ones in a list on the right of this page and from the blog archive further down on the right or, of course you can always just use the search tool to search for keywords. Otherwise it’s all usefull info, info that the everyday man may find very useful but the hardy geek won’t. There is also a scattering of random photos I have taken both colour and black and white among my various ramblings.